Understanding the Basics of Culture in Dublin

kierans-iris-pub-1If you are going to visit Ireland then having a basic understanding of the culture will make your time here all the more meaningful. Culture encompasses things like language, arts, folklore traditions and customs as well as other factors.

By focusing on your cultural interest you will be able to seek out more information while you are visiting Dublin, but it is always a good idea to have a basic idea of what
that may be as a starting point. Basically the culture of Ireland has been Gaelic but also includes the input of the English, Anglo-Norman and Scottish cultures.

One of the biggest attractions within the cultural setting for Ireland and within Dublin is that which revolves around the arts. Early art was centered around carvings and particularly religious artifacts comprised of carvings. Ireland has a history of renowned artists such as John Butler and Jack Yeats. For modern day artists the country is recognized for Brian O’Doherty and Sean Scully. Art lovers will enjoy tracing the art heritage while visiting here.

Another very important part of the culture to be found throughout Dublin and other parts of Ireland is that which relates to sports. There is a large list here to impress any sports enthusiast which includes the Gaelic games but also horse racing and other equestrian events such as show jumping. Then also added to the list is greyhound racing, target shooting and traditional worldwide sports such as basketball and tennis. Those that are into fishing will have much in common with the Irish population.

These two examples of cultural categories just provide a glimpse of what the culture of Ireland is all about. The country is diversified and Dublin possesses a little of all of it. This is what makes Dublin such a great place to visit.