The Best Drinks to Enjoy When in Dublin

Every country and its cities within them usually have drinks that they are well known for or are considered the favorites. When it comes to Dublin and you want to fit in with the local crowd then you want to be aware of the drinks of choice. Here are a few where you won’t go wrong when choosing them…


Now you don’t have to travel to Dublin just to enjoy this favorite and within the same category of being drinks of recognition you would also have to include Bailey’s Irish Cream. However, there is something special about enjoying a Guinness in a city that holds it in high in esteem like Dublin does.

Irish Whiskey

There are many that would say that you have never truly drank whiskey until you have tried a shot or two of Irish Whiskey. The gaelic term for whiskey is Uisce Beatha which means water of life. While in Dublin you are going to find some great brands to choose from, and in keeping with the Dublin favorites you may want to order a Paddy, or Tullamore Dew, just as an example.


Not every drink you order in Dublin has to be the alcohol type. Tea is very popular here but it has to be black tea and have a healthy addition of sugar or milk.

Irish Coffee

For coffee lovers you won’t be disappointed with what Dublin has waiting for you. A true Irish coffee is going to consist of a good quality Irish whiskey, some sugar and fresh whipped cream.


This is a fruit based drink that is refreshing and comes in a variety of flavors. It is produced in Dublin so of course it is one that is considered to be important here.

This is just a short list of the kind of beverages waiting for you in Dublin, and ordering any one of them will help you to fit in with the Dublin crowd.