Enjoying the Dublin Folklore

Ireland is full of folklore and you won’t miss out on much of it when you are enjoying Dublin. It is such an important part of the Irish culture that its presentation of it has become a main attraction at many different Dublin venues.


One of the best ways to make sure that you are going to get exposed to some wonderful folklore is to take part in one of the many tours that cater to this. There are some tours that take pl
ace on a bus that focuses on story telling. There is no doubt that this will capture your interest and fill you full of intrigue. Some of these tours will take you to famous spots where mermen were said to appear. You will be captivated with stories about fairies and giants and Pookas. This is the type of adventure that you will be able to return home with and become your own storyteller to your friends and relatives.

Specialty Pubs

The folklore of Ireland is such an important part of Dublin that some pubs have specialized in arranging venues and events around this. You can seek out pubs that offer storytelling revolving around the folklore, while at the same time serving up wonderful cuisine and the very famous Dublin drinks. The settings that you will enjoy this adventure in are warm and inviting and include a wonderful selection of music in keeping with the theme of the night.

Experiencing the folklore in this manner makes it so much more realistic than just reading about it. It often makes one really ponder on just how much truth is behind the riveting stories that are told. How much has been added to them over the years, and what started them in the first place. Dublin has much to offer by way of its history, beliefs and customs and the Irish folklore is just one part of it.